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Kids Comics Awards 2013

On Sunday June 23rd the first ever KCR! Comics Awards ceremony was held at the Kids Read Comics Festival in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The nominees were selected by a committee of teachers, librarians, and retailers, then voted on by kids online and via paper ballots.

The awards themselves were presented as customized LEGO trophies [...]

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KCR: Working for Peanuts

Happiness is…a new episode of the Kids’ Comics Revolution!
We talk with Alexis Fajardo about the new Peanuts comic books published by Boom Studios. He explains how he and his team combine creative sweat and exhaustive research to live up to the responsibility of making new stories featuring Charlie Brown and all of Charles Schultz’s iconic [...]

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Christmas Party Supercast

If you enjoy listening to friends talk about Christmas cartoons old and new, then this is the podcast for you! Saturday Supercast Episode 31 Christmas Cartoon Party! Jerzy Drozd, Anne Drozd, Raina Telgemeier and I discuss the following holiday themed cartoons:
It’s a Spongebob Christmas!
Cobra C.L.A.W.S. are Coming to Town
Rudolph’s Shiny New Year
The Bear by Raymond [...]

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Halloween Cartoon podcast

Jerzy Drozd & I recorded two episodes of the Saturday Supercast podcast dedicated to Halloween cartoons and specials. We gush about the Garfield & Peanuts Halloween specials and check out halloween themed episodes of Kim Possible, Transformers Animated, & My Little Pony Friendship is Magic! We reflect on past costumes nostalgia, sincere pumpkin patches, and [...]

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I’m super excited to share this interview I did with author/illustrator, Katie Davis on her fantastic podcast, Brain Burps About Books!
Be a Space Cadet with Graphic Novels! Interview with Dave Roman
We talk about Astronaut Academy, Teen Boat, how art school can make you afraid to draw, proposing through comics, and tons of other fun [...]

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