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Dave drawing jam


We try to make our book events fun and interactive and can customize the perfect mix based on your input. They can include a visual slideshow, live drawing demonstration/games, Q&A, book signing & more!

Here’s some fun stuff a graphic novel event can include.

A series of improvised drawing challenges in the style of a race-against-the-clock game show. Kids will form teams to collaborate on comics based on suggestions from the audience. Everyone is encouraged to participate, even if they can only draw stick figures, or make creative quips! Each game infuses elements of story structure, set up, conflict, rising action, plot twists, and resolution.

Challengers event

Video sample:

A live comics reading involving lots of audience participation and silliness. Authors will perform chapters from their all-ages graphic novels with the illustrated panels projected onto a large screen for all to see, and volunteers from the audience chosen to play some of the characters.

Teen Boat live reading

We will deliver a lively, visual discussion on comics & graphic novels, and how reading them as kids served as inspiration throughout our lives, fostering a love for reading and a passion to make our own books. We’ll share insight into working for companies like Nickelodeon, Disney, and Scholastic as well as what it’s like being a full-time cartoonist.


-Flip chart drawing pad and markers (any drawings created will be given to the store, school or library), OR a dry erase board and markers (drawings will be erased).

-Sharpies or thick magic markers.

-A microphone/amplification system is appreciated for any group larger than 25 people.

Author visit equipment

If books are available the authors will happily sign, personalize and draw in each copy!

astronaut academy booksigning

Book Event

signed books

*Please let us know if you’d like any art or help designing a flyer for the event!

Flyers for past events.

Astoria Bookshop

Bergen Street Comics

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