Intro to Dave

Dave Roman is best known for writing, drawing, and editing graphic novels.

For more specifics, you can read his OFFICAL BIO. & check out some professional PHOTOS. Warning: Dave has been known to arrive with or without a beard and sometimes with green hair.

His most popular books are the Astronaut Academy series, which he wrote and also illustrated. The covers look like this:

They are much shinier in real life. Both are graphic novels which means they are like comic books, except longer and okay to read in school! They have even won some awards voted on by kids like Maryland’s Black-Eyed Susan Book Award!

Astronaut Academy is about Hakata Soy, a kid hero who enrolls in an elite space station school and ends up teaming up with his new friends to stop an evil robot doppelganger. Here’s a book trailer that gives you a sense of what to expect: Astronaut Academy Promo Video.

Here is a link to fun activities that you can download and share. Astronaut Academy Activity Pack

Dave has a webcomic for kids called Starbunny, Inc. about a lactose intolerant bunny who hitchhikes across the galaxy on a shooting star. You can read completely for free online at

Dave illustrated the cover and fourth chapter of Goosebumps: Slappy’s Tales of Horror featuring the infamous creation of R.L. Stine. It still gives him nightmares just thinking about it.

Dave has also written a lot of books for middle-school age kids, including the Teen Boat series which is illustrated by his friend John Green. The two of them met while Dave was still in high school where they started collaborating on books together and have continued to do so ever since! Check out Teen Boat’s website and music videos at

Dave is also a big fan of science, which comes in handy because he’s also the editor of the non-fiction Science Comics series from First Second books.

Speaking of science, Dave also illustrated a picture book called Pluto is Peeved!: An Ex-Planet Searches for Answers. It will be released in June 2018.



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