Author Visit Details

Author visit equipment

SUPPLIES Checklist::

-Prep. A little goes a long way toward helping make the author visit a success. Share the Intro to Dave. If you have any of his books in your school or classroom library let the kids know in advance of the visit.

-Digital projector with HDMI computer cables OR ability to connect to Smartboard and project a Powerpoint presentation.
*Dave usually travels with his own Mac laptop and dongle converter. If its better for your school to use their own laptop and just have him bring his presentation on a thumb drive, please let him know.

-Paper flip chart drawing pad (this is preferable to a dry-erase board so any drawings created can be given to the school to keep) on sturdy self-standing easel (that won’t easily fall over when a kid volunteer is chosen to help collaborate on a drawing.

-A microphone/amplification system is appreciated for any class larger than 30 students. Doctors orders! Especially if it’s in an auditorium, multi-purpose room, gym etc.

Author Visit


Each 45-minute presentation includes slideshow visuals, live drawing demonstration, and time for Q&A.

Dave Roman (Astronaut Academy, Goosebumps Graphix) will deliver a lively, visual discussion on comics, and how they’ve served as inspiration throughout his life, fostering a love for reading and a passion for making his own books. He will share insight into working at Nickelodeon Magazine, where he developed comics based on popular TV characters like SpongeBob Squarepants and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Using humor and personal anecdotes, Dave will discuss his writing process, drawing tools, techniques, and the life of a cartoonist.

From brainstorming ideas, to writing and revising, art supplies and techniques, Dave invites people of all ages into the world of cartooning. Showing how he went from self–publishing black & white handmade minicomics to full–color graphic novels sold in bookstores, Dave will demystify the publishing process and inspire everyone to create their own visual stories!

comics process
Dave uses visual examples to walk kids through the stages of making a graphic novel.

Dave Roman drawing

Kids are encouraged to draw alongside him as equals!

Dave Roman author visit jam drawing
Even if kids don’t consider themselves artists, they can still have fun and be creative!

Kid with signed book
Dave will happily sign & sketch in all copies for the students.

author signature
If there’s time, every kid will get a different character drawn in each of their books!

Kid drawing comic book
Many kids will be inspired to start writing and drawing their own graphic novels, knowing all it takes is a paper and pencil to get started!

- Finding your passion! Being successful takes a lot of work, but it’s a lot less so if you are working at something you love.

-Developing your voice! Each artist or writer has look within themselves and learn what separates them from the crowd. It’s not just about being the best. A true artist’s work has to be true to themselves if it’s to be seen as truly unique.

-The power of collaboration! Combining words and pictures is at the heart of graphic novels. Many comics are created by writers and artists teaming up to produce something new, benefiting from the strengths of each.

-Expanding our minds! Reading outside of your comfort zone and being prepared for the twists and turns down the road.

-Supporting your friends and fellow artists! We’re all in this together!

Dave Drawing

Kids drawing with Dave

Even though his presentation will showcase Dave’s books, the more familiar kids are with the works in advance, the richer the overall experience will be. If your school library has copies of his graphic novels, be sure to display them before the author visit.

Kids Reading Comics

Kid with Astronaut Academy

Dave presenting at the Gaithersburg Book Festival.




Intro to Dave



Astronaut Academy: Design Your Own Academy Kit [PDF]



Dave’s books are available through most major book distributors.
Partnering with local bookstores to handle booksales is always a great idea! Supporting community bookstores helps everyone!

To order books directly from the publisher, see info below. Have each ISBN and corresponding full book title, along with address (including zip code), date, name, and telephone number of the person placing the order. Make sure to mention that you are ordering books for an author visit.

Astronaut Academy by Dave Roman is published by First Second books an imprint of Macmillan.

For group sales please contact: or 888.330.8477

Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity [Book1] 978-1250225894

Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry [Book 2] 978-1250225931

Astronaut Academy: Splashdown [Book 3] 978-1250216861

(These three books should all be the newer color editions. There are older black and white versions still circulating).

There is a modifiable template to help make book orders even easier. Download at:



Thanks to Lucia Saperstein from An Open Book Literacy Foundation for taking some of the photos on this page!

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2 Responses to Author Visit Details

  1. Erin Rehnblom says:


    I would like to talk to someone about an author visit for our school’s summer library.

    Thank you,
    Erin Rehnblom
    (218) 851-7545

    • Dave says:

      Hi Erin,
      Author visits coordinator Kate Kubert Puls is currently managing enquiries and proposals on my behalf. Please feel free to contact Kate at kubertpuls (at) with any questions about my presentations.

      Thanks for your interest!