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Halloween Music Mix 2

Three years after my last halloween music mix, I’ve finally compiled a new one for friends and family to enjoy. It’s a fun mix of music old and new and clips from some of my favorite cartoons.
Yaytime Halloween Mix 2

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Agnes Quill book 2 preview

As a Halloween treat, here’s a preview of the spooky new Agnes Quill stories in the works! Featuring art by Matt Bayne, Jordon F. Bochon and Jason Ho! I’m super excited to start serializing these in the near future. Stay tuned!

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Halloween Cartoon podcast

Jerzy Drozd & I recorded two episodes of the Saturday Supercast podcast dedicated to Halloween cartoons and specials. We gush about the Garfield & Peanuts Halloween specials and check out halloween themed episodes of Kim Possible, Transformers Animated, & My Little Pony Friendship is Magic! We reflect on past costumes nostalgia, sincere pumpkin patches, and [...]

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